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Mr Jerry W.

"Every time I call you guys for help your technicians are very proficient, very accurate, and very knowledgeable on your systems. I love your equipment and I am going to keep using it every time I get the chance. Thank you!"

Mr Christian V.

"Thanks. I also wanted to add that your tech support team especially to whom I spoke with this morning, he was fantastic. He was patient and thorough with the troubleshooting of my customer's system."

Mr James M.

"Access Control Los Angeles as a company has always satisfied me with their expertise in access control and customer service. I would recommend you to anyone that asks. "

Our Partner

Services Los Angeles

Selecting an access control system is a big financial decision for many businesses. The price is certainly vital in the process and the system you choose must fit your needs and requirements. The access control system you finally decide on must also be 100% reliable.

Access Control Los Angeles focuses on access control products and solutions. Our technician crews look at designing systems that will be installed for main security aims, while keeping the essential operations that are needed to keep companies running smoothly. Our commitment to our clients has earned our company an award winning reputation known in the access control community for its reliability and products.

Installing an access control system can feel like a huge change for any business. It will give you the control of additional security aside from alarms and CCTV systems.

Below is an insight into how our work is applied.

Business, Industrial and commercial

Access control can be found at any business front gate. We have gate operating systems that employ the use of (coded card, biometric and digital code systems} to permit entry for cars to parking areas and access within the building. In buildings with elevators, keycards can be programmed to only allow select people onto select floors. The whole building can be wired with access control and telephone entry systems integrated to offer world class security and people management.

Gated Communities and Apartments

Most gated communities we have worked with have really benefited from having automated gate systems installed that are link to access control systems. This can help with the safety of the community and cutting traffic down in the neighborhood. All residents can be supplied with a swipe card or key fob to have in an out access from the community. Not only is it handy to guard the front gate but its also handy for pool areas and gyms to be accessed via access control. You would be able to set times so individuals can’t access the community pool at certain hours to avoid safety risks. All features can be built in with guest identification control and CCTV monitoring that can easily grant or deny access by simply touching a button on a touch tone phone.

Maximum Security

Worried about the types of products we are putting in? Then don’t, because we have card readers and control units that are built and designed especially for very secure areas. These products are ideal for Government buildings, utility plants (Electric/water), Prisons, Airports and Seaports. They are all tamper resistant and can work under the most harsh weather conditions.