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Mr Jerry W.

"Every time I call you guys for help your technicians are very proficient, very accurate, and very knowledgeable on your systems. I love your equipment and I am going to keep using it every time I get the chance. Thank you!"

Mr Christian V.

"Thanks. I also wanted to add that your tech support team especially to whom I spoke with this morning, he was fantastic. He was patient and thorough with the troubleshooting of my customer's system."

Mr James M.

"Access Control Los Angeles as a company has always satisfied me with their expertise in access control and customer service. I would recommend you to anyone that asks. "

Our Partner

Video Surveillance Los Angeles

If you are a business owner you have a good idea of how vital it is to keep everything running smoothly. Not only do you have to keep staff members safe but also stop outside threats like theft, vandalism and general annoyance to ones business.

If you were unfortunate to ever encounter a break in you know how expensive a cleanup operation can be. You encounter smashed windows, items stolen and the hassle of having to pay the business insurance deductible.

By choosing our company for your CCTV needs you will discovers that we have a vast array of options to cover all of those business and residential needs. Not only do we offer quality and competitive prices in the marketplace, we provide full maintenance and support programs once the job has been completed. So, if you encounter any problems one of our techs will be just a phone call away.

Surveillance Cameras


  • Interactive dome cameras with pan/tilt positioning, 360 degree rotation and variable speed capabilities.
  • Low light cameras to enhance night vision.
  • High resolution cameras to capture details such as employee transactions.
  • Cameras can be easily integrated with access control systems to provide visual verification.

Digital Video Recorders


  • Single channel or multi-camera digital recording.
  • Programmable resolution and storage duration.
  • Image search by specific time or event.
  • Optional Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity.
  • Digital media eliminates video tape management and storage.
  • Digital quality provides sharp, clear images.
  • Optional network connectivity for multiple location viewing.
  • Any recorded event can be easily searched, located and played back.